While Jon has always had an interest in coding and technology, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that he decided to pursue it as a career. Two years ago, Jon enrolled in Eleven Fifty Academy’s .NET/Developer course. After graduating from the program, he went to work for another company where he was able to expand his knowledge base by learning additional programming languages such as PHP. After a year there, Jon decided he wanted to get back to his roots and started looking for a position where he’d be able to utilize his .NET knowledge more.  

Since coming to C2IT, Jon has been an integral part of our team. He has worked well with the other developers helping solve problems and brainstorming new ideas. He’s said the most valuable thing he’s learned so far at C2IT is mobile app development and Xamarin. When asked what he’s looking forward to working on he says, “We have a large mobile app redesign for a client coming up where we’ll get to build the system from the ground up through completion, so I’m looking forward to being able to help architect that.” 

Outside of work, Jon spends a lot of time with his wife – playing games, watching sports and reading are some of their most common hobbies. Jon is also our resident Dungeon Master using his creative talents to host online games of D&D for his friends. 

We’re excited to have Jon on the team!