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Willoughby Stainless Fountains

Willoughby is a family owned business that has been located in Indianapolis since their first steel product was sold in 1947. Willoughby takes pride that, with very few exceptions, they produce all aspects of all of their products. They start with stainless steel, resin, and plastics to craft the finest commercial/institutional plumbing products in the industry.

Our Goal

Willoughby’s best selling products are their line of stainless fountains. Because of this, they wanted a dedicated website that initially allowed a person to build and submit a quote request. This then got them in contact with a representative at the company who could complete the order for them. Requirement for this first stage were the ability to add and request a quote and customize a product through selecting options available to that product. Stage two was to add full e-commerce functionality to their website. This would require the ability to add a product to their cart; the customization options would need to carry monetary value that would increase the total when selected; and the ability to complete the checkout process by paying with a credit card.

The Process

For the home page, we wanted to highlight the different product categories. When you click on any of the product categories, the customer will see each different product within that category. Clicking on any of them will allow the customer to start building your product to the specifications you require. Each product option that would cost an additional amount is presented right alongside that option. Once clicked, the total will adjust so the customer is always able to see how much the product will cost prior to adding it to your cart or quote. Once the customer has their product built to their specifications, they have the option to add to cart or add to quote. Products that have been added to the cart can be purchased through a standard checkout function. Products that have been added to a quote are submitted to Willoughby where a representative will be able to review the quote and make any adjustments. These quotes can also be turned into actual orders through the website should the client wish to use the system that way.

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