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Newlin’s Welding & Tank Maintenance

Jerry Newlin began his tank career with Universal Tank & Iron, building tanks in 1970. He and his wife Arlette started Newlin’s Welding and Tank Maintenance in 1985. Ryan Jukes began his time with Newlin’s in 1993.

Our Goal

Newlin’s Welding and Tank Maintenance originally didn’t have a defined logo other than what is shown on their business cards in the first photo below. In addition to a basic website, we wanted to provided them with a logo they would be able to use on their website.

Original image and text provided by Newlin’s

Logo creation

The Process

We started out looking for a font that was similar to one they were already using, but with a more modern feel. Newlin’s has the image from their business card on a stone sign in front of the building, so we wanted to make sure the logo we created wasn’t so drastically different that the two looked completely mismatched.  We tried a variety of welding and tank related images to accompany the text with Newlin’s ultimately deciding on the above. Much of their colors are grayscale so we stuck with that and added a small pop of color that wouldn’t be too disruptive.

Other Recent Works
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