IT Client

Eagle Oxide Services

From automated assembly cells, palletizers, and material handling to ball mill and Barton systems, red lead and litharge furnaces, melt pots, ingot conveyors, pneumatic transfer systems, and integrated controls, Eagle is your premier equipment and service team provider. With multiple customers in over 35 different countries, its world headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, and a new manufacturing location just 40 minutes away, Eagle supports its customers around the globe with technical expertise, equipment, parts, and service.

Our Services

Recently we did a project for Eagle which involved cleaning up their computers to help them run faster and allowing their employees to be more efficient. We also fix any printer issues they might have. Additionally we update their programs so they never have to worry about low performance due to a program being outdated.

We also set up all of our clients with antivirus protection and cloud backups. We can also set up monitoring agents on all computers which will tell us the second an issue is detected so that we may fix it expeditiously.

Other Recent Works
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