Digital Content and Design Specialist

A.K.A. "Future WordPress Guru"

C2IT Consulting, Inc. (C2IT) is an Indianapolis based technology firm with over 20 years experience in helping organizations achieve more with tech. C2IT designs, builds , and supports data-driven mobile apps, websites, and software solutions.  We increase efficiency and accuracy, save our clients time and money, and integrate technology platforms in ways never before imagined.

The Digital Content and Design Specialist (DCDS) will work directly with the President and Development Team and will be responsible for understanding, modeling, designing, implementing, and maintaining digital content for our clients’ web and mobile app projects, as well as for internal projects. This will involve everything from gaining an understanding of a client’s needs, transforming those needs into a model or prototype, and then implementing, refining, and testing the resulting 0website or mobile app’s design, user interface and user experience.

C2IT is a rapidly developing and a growing business, and there are tremendous opportunities for this role to transition into a long term and vital role of design, management, and leadership within our organization.

Role Description

As C2IT’s DCDS, you will be involved in many areas of designing and implementing creative, intuitive, and on-target design in our website and mobile app projects.

C2IT has been building web and desktop applications for over 13 years and is growing quickly in mobile app development as well. Many of the projects we are involved in require custom design work for a creative user interface, a highly responsive layout, and an intuitive user experience. Some of our projects come with a designer already attached to the projects that we will work alongside, while others require us to to craft design elements from scratch or outsource this work to a third party.

Our development team is made of a growing group of highly skilled coders who are able to implement almost any design idea we throw at them when it comes to custom websites and mobile apps. They are not, however, best suited for the creative side of design when it comes to taking a customer’s “napkin” and turning it into design specifications, wireframes, a colorful and intuitive mockup, and ultimately, a full-fledged production website or mobile app that meets our customer’s needs, exceeds their expectations, and “wow’s” those who use the final product. That is what this role will entail, and how it will become an integral part of our development team.

The individual we bring onto our team in this role will not only be responsible for creating design elements, but they’ll also quickly grow into our resident “WordPress Guru” and build custom WordPress sites that go far beyond simply laying elements on a virtual sheet of paper. Using our custom suite of themes, builders, and plugins, along with new tools added over time, this specialist will take websites through our entire project lifecycle: discovery, design, development, and deployment. This individual will grow to be an expert in finding the right mix of thematic elements, and functional plugins for both websites and e-commerce sites, configuring them to “talk together,” and implementing creative and intuitive design across the final product.

It is important to note that the services C2IT provides are often highly custom. We aren’t just building someone a simple “billboard” website just to share their contact information. The first project is often the gateway to larger opportunities in the future, and your success will rely on your ability to see the bigger picture and long-term perspective of the opportunities we pursue.

At C2IT, you’ll benefit from working with a small but experienced team that will offer support that will greatly enhance your skills and knowledge. You’ll also be on the ground floor of a growing team, and opportunities to share your perspective will abound, as will advancement opportunities with our joint success.

We want to find someone who is keen to contribute ideas and who loves finding interesting and brilliant solutions to problems.

The projects we are part of span a wide variety of platforms – web, desktop, and mobile to name a few, so a willingness and excitement to explore new ways to use what we can do to help others is paramount to all of our success.

Job Description

Primary Responsibilities

  • Understand conceptual and written design requirements as provided by a client or C2IT’s business development team.
  • Transform design requirements into models, prototypes, wire-frames, or other technical design documents, as required.
  • Contribute to the creation of proposals including mockups, time and cost estimates, technical requirements for design and plugins, and other areas, for websites, e-commerce systems, and mobile apps.
  • Create full WordPress websites and e-commerce systems using C2IT’s suite of themes and plugins, along with those specific to the project or later identified as a good fit.
  • Expand websites to full capabilities by growing in understanding and ability to customize and integrate plugins, custom API integrations, and coding.
  • Test and work alongside the development team to ensure all project requirements are met and the deliverables we release are full featured, well tested, and feature a solid user interface and experience.
  • Maintain existing and yet-to-be created websites through ongoing design improvements, content additions and editing, and routine updates and upgrades.


Other Responsibilities

  • Perform graphical design tasks such as editing photos, customizing logos and other graphics for project needs, and modifying digital content in other manners to meet client needs.
  • Add and edit content on client websites.
  • Contribute to selection and upkeep of design and website building tools used within C2IT.
  • Build responsive and multi-device mockups of design elements, as needed.
  • Maintain and update the C2IT site with appropriate content, working alongside the executive, sales, and marketing teams.
  • Assist with the creation of marketing materials – digital or print – to be used for C2IT’s own purposes.
  • Help with the creation of newsletters, blog posts, and other online content that helps C2IT stay top of mind with our clients and prospects.
  • Stay involved with projects throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring needs are met and that projects are kept on track.



  • Experience in digital website design and content creation, specifically with the WordPress CMS.
  • Experience with design tools used to mock-up websites and/or mobile apps.
  • A strong desire to be part of the exploration of client wants and needs from a goal-focused perspective, and the ability to take these broad goals and transform them into design elements that can be presented, prototyped, built, and maintained.
  • Ability to take large problems and break them down into specific tasks that can be managed, documented, and completed.
  • Excellent communication skills, both in-person and via electronic mediums
  • A willingness to speak your voice and share ideas with the entire team, including ownership, about on-target and off-target opportunities
  • A willingness to be persistent and commit to personal growth

Nice to Have

  • Experience with cloud-based app design tools
  • Experience with C2IT’s current WordPress builder of choice – Divi
  • Experience with building e-commerce systems using C2IT’s e-commerce platform of choice – WooCommerce
  • Experience integrating e-commerce and other high-powered WordPress Plugins
  • Knowledge of PHP coding, specifically within the WordPress environment
  • Ability to demonstrate application of technical skills and understanding of above technologies in the “real world,” such as products produced for paying clients, published web applications, and/or a portfolio of digital content produced.
  • Experience with project management and bug-tracking tools

Interpersonal Skills

  • Goal-driven performer
  • Highly motivated self-starter focused on producing results that matter
  • Willingness to use an existing toolbox of digital content and design tools, but also a willingness to contribute and suggest alternatives as they are available
  • Ability and willingness to work alongside outside designers and vendors
  • Ability to learn on-the-fly, whether by independent research, proof of concept development, or working together as a team
  • Team player with a strong desire to achieve personal growth while being part of something bigger that one’s self

About C2IT

C2IT creates and implements technology solutions for small scale organizations with an economy of scale that typically only larger companies can afford. We accomplish this through strategic partnerships with innovative first clients and a future-focused product life-cycle that consistently produces new lines of business and propels the company into new niches, markets, and industry.

At C2IT, we not only help small-scale organizations – we ARE a small-scale organization. Born out of a vision to help “the little guy” do more than he ever imagined he could, we too know how important it is to build a team that truly works together. Our small staff is highly cross-trained, works together on every project, and this provides great opportunities for continual growth and advancement within our business.

If you  have an interest in professional growth while becoming an integral part of a growing business, it’s time to consider joining C2IT Consulting, Inc.

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