One of the most powerful tools in the hands of your IT partner is RMM. RMM stands for Remote Management and Monitoring. In short, when you partner with an IT Managed Services Provider like C2IT, one of the first steps we will take in the onboarding process will be to install RMM software on your company’s systems. Hiring an IT partner and giving them Remote access may be one of the most meaningful technology decisions you can make for your business. Here are a few reasons why RMM software is the best thing since sliced bread:


1. RMM Gives Your IT Partner the Big Picture

How many computers are on your company’s systems? How old are they? What Operating System are they using? Are all your network access points and switches working correctly? Do you have any computers that are outdated, unsupported, or that need to be restarted? RMM can paint a clear picture for your IT provider as they come alongside you.


2. RMM is Like a Health Scan for Your Company’s Tech

RMM provides your IT partner with a load of valuable information that can help them assess the health of your company’s systems. Just like a doctor running a batch of tests to determine your overall health and uncover any issues, RMM can help your IT partner evaluate your current technology and uncover any vulnerabilities.


3. RMM can Give Clear Next Steps

The information provided by trusting an IT partner with RMM capabilities for your business can provide you with clear next steps to streamline and optimize your company’s tech. With a view of your company’s full array of tech, your IT partner can help you make decisions about what computers need to be upgraded or retired, which systems might be nearing storage capacity, which computers need to be restarted or updated for security purposes, and even help create a plan for the future so you can budget for your technology needs.


4. RMM can Help You Sleep More Soundly

Ultimately, and IT partner with RMM capabilities can provide peace of mind so you can focus on growing your business. RMM allows your IT partner to keep things running smoothly, maintain your anti-virus and anti0malware, ensure your computers are backing up, and even alert you when a problem arises.



Remote Management and Monitoring is an incredible tool for your business, and hiring a trusted partner is crucial to maximizing its efficacy. If you’re interested in exploring this step with C2IT Consulting, we’d love to connect.