In recent months, we at C2IT found ourselves taking a step back to celebrate accomplishments, enjoy the success of our clients, and assess if we had enough people to remain steadfast in our endeavors. It became clear we needed to expand our team once again. We debated on simply supporting what we needed through part-time work or in contrast, looking ahead to exceed the goals of our clients and seek a full-time addition. We decided it was in everyone’s best interest to bring on another full-time developer.

On July 19th, we welcomed Jordan Hershberger. Jordan joined us as an experienced full-stack developer paired with a customer service background. Even prior to hiring, our conversations with Jordan about his software development, education, critical thinking, and creative portfolio ignited excitement within our search effort and decision to expand the team. We were all excited as Jordan hit the ground running within his first week. He quickly complemented our existing team and has taken the lead in completing tasks with confidence and accuracy with a desire to leave a good impression from his work.

Jordan lives in Indianapolis and loves to spend time with his girlfriend, two cats and a puppy. Prior to joining C2IT, Jordan was a competitive barista where he would take judges through a story journey of the coffee he was showcasing all while being live streamed around the country. Jordan enjoys playing the guitar and drums, singing, cooking, studying chess, and playing video games along with Dungeons and Dragons.

Jordan recently shared:

“As a new software development professional, the opportunity to work on so many different projects for local companies really satisfies two of my favorite things: helping others and solving interesting problems. It’s been really exciting getting to dive in and contribute to helping our neighboring businesses!”

We at C2IT have appreciated Jordan’s ability to quickly learn the nuances of C2IT, adapt to the immediate needs of our clients, and bring a positive outlook to his workload and his engagement with our team. We are excited to see how his addition will continue to better our team and the work he does for our clients.

Come on by, ask for Jordan, and enjoy a conversation with the newest developer on our team. You will not be disappointed!