“The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” -Simon Sinek, Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action.

Have you ever gotten to work with someone new and immediately felt “they get it?” The kind of people who ask thoughtful questions. Who are  intentional about where to invest their time and resources. People that prioritize honesty and community, and their work serves a purpose beyond a paycheck. That’s been our experience serving the team at Economy Heating, Air, and Plumbing as their website design, content, and maintenance provider.

Brothers Jeff and Jod Woods now lead the Economy team that has been serving the greater Morgan County area since their father Jerry founded the company in 1976. Like us at C2IT Consulting, they take pride in their work and do it well because they know that running a successful business is about more than just doing a job and moving on. They take their responsibility to the community they live and work in seriously by giving back and staying involved in organizations beyond their business. They’ve made the choice to bring the right value at the right price. Economy knows that providing the cheapest option often means someone’s getting short changed. When that happens, it’s usually the customer who winds up paying for an incomplete job who then needs a caring professional to clean up after it. The choice to do the work right has its costs, and you may lose some customers you might have liked to earn or kept when you hold fast to this commitment. The reward of focusing your time on innovative customers who value quality is well worth it in the long run and that’s what we’ve found with the team at Economy.

We met the Economy team through a mutual friend who was helping Economy boost their marketing and social media impact. They had recently had a nice website built but needed more extensive maintenance and ongoing support than was available through the original web designer. Prioritizing maintenance and support is another area where we share common beliefs. Economy offers regular maintenance and discounts on new work through their Comfort Club scheduled maintenance plan. This is a valuable service they provide to their customers that unfortunately wasn’t represented on their website when we started working together. Websites and HVAC systems are similar in that the right parts have to go in the right places to work best. You can get by with cramming things together but eventually it will show, so we took care to maintain the design of their existing site and seamlessly add the Comfort Club page to their online presence. We also added a Commercial Services section to their website with portfolios to highlight different style projects they’ve completed for commercial clients. Once again, we had to be meticulous to work the new additions seamlessly into the existing design to ensure visitors to their site have a consistent experience that leaves them informed and confident in the standards Economy upholds.

If you’re familiar with Economy you probably already know they have an active marketing presence. Sometimes that includes adding content to their website themselves and other times it makes more sense for us to make the updates based on the quantity or complexity of the update. Having a relationship established that allows for collaboration like this allows us to work together to ensure Economy gets the most value out of their online presence.

It’s been a pleasure to work closely with the team at Economy to keep their website running smoothly. If you have any HVAC/Plumbing needs or want to check out our work visit their website at www.economyheatingandair.com. If you have questions about how much ongoing support and maintenance your website needs call us at 317.721.2248 or send us a message.