A Christmas Tree is the focal point of the Christmas holiday for many of us. And the process is important. Most people have had some experience with both real and artificial trees. You know there’s some benefits to artificial trees. But when it all comes down to it, there’s no beating the real thing. The same thing goes for having a great website. So what does growing a great website look like?

The Spirit Is In The Process

Having a great Christmas Tree is only half of the importance. Going out to Jay’s Tree Farm and wandering amongst the trees with a hot beverage in hand is what really kicks off the holiday season for many people. When you hit the gravel driveway your worries immediately begin to fade. As you enter Jay’s Tree Farm, you may get memories of yourself as a kid going to pick out the tree with your parents and siblings. Now you get to be Clark Griswold, leading the expedition for the ever important family Christmas Tree. Then you hit the parking lot and step out of your car to breath that beautiful pine air.

With coffee in hand and kids in tow, the perfect tree awaits you. You skim the Scotch Pines, then the Douglas Firs, just getting a flavor for their offerings. After you’ve explored the selection you begin to hone in the perfect tree for your living room. Aha! You’ve found it. Now you rush to get a wagon so you can get your tree to that really cool shaker thing. You watch in amazement as modern technology shakes all the loose needles and saves your vacuum from an impossible task. You buy your tree and let the friendly staff at Jay’s tie your tree on the roof of your car and only now has the holiday season officially begun.

Growing A Great Website: The Process

Like the tradition of the Christmas Tree, the story of this particular website goes back before C2IT Consulting was even in business. Our CEO and Founder, Chet Cromer, used to go to Jay’s Tree Farm as a kid to pick out the Christmas Tree with his family. So when Jay came looking for a new website we were glad to be able to play a part and help them begin growing a great website. Knowing the seasonal nature of Jay’s business, we understood that Economic Value was a top priority. Jay needed a straight forward website that highlights his excellent trees and the experience customers can expect to have. Additionally, it was important that people can easily know how to get to Jay’s Tree farm, and get in touch if there are any additional questions.

To ensure we could keep costs down, we opted for a single page site with anchor links. This gives the Jay’s Tree Farm website the look and feel of a more robust website but without the need for as much development or maintenance. This is a good option for businesses like Jay’s that have a very specialized offering that is only offered in person. Jay provided some great features that allowed us to create a design that gives the feel that you’re at the tree farm.

If you’re in search of a Christmas Tree in the Mooresville area this year be sure to check out jaystreefarm.com.

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