Technology has become essential in our everyday lives. In this day and age it is nearly impossible to disconnect and maintain any semblance of efficiency or success at a high capacity without it. Technology is important, and it brings about considerable change and ease in the workplace. It can also, however, be a hindrance in some cases where it’s implemented in places where it either wasn’t necessary or wasn’t the correct solution.

At C2IT, we pride ourselves on giving customers the right technology, not all the technology available. The truth is that sometimes all the bells and whistles aren’t necessary, and only cause more hassle than help. Simple and efficient go hand in hand and we here at C2IT stand by that sentiment. We want to give our clients the technology that makes their job simpler, faster, and most important, easier. We also consider the return on investment for every job that we do and seek to educate appropriately. Technology costs money, so we want to be sure that when a client is provided with a technological solution to a problem, it’s one that will be cost-effective as well as useful. We want it to be a profitable solution for the company we’re providing it to, otherwise, the technology isn’t a solution. Rather, it’s more of a hassle.

When making decisions with technology, efficiency isn’t always going to be the main goal or immediate payoff. For small business owners, you’re hammered with advertisements for all the things you should be doing and technology to help you do them. But it’s easy to get sucked into wasting time and money chasing the shiny new efficiency tool, only to find that your business is now more efficient at something you don’t need to be doing. Sometimes, efficiency has to be sacrificed in the short term to have better long term results. Some examples of this are security, inventory management, and quality. These are areas where when technology is introduced, efficiency goes down for a time as processes change, training may be necessary, and a learning curve is introduced. However, the goal is long term in all of these cases: better security, more complete inventory management and tracking, and better overall quality from the products or services provided. This is why it is always important to keep in mind what the true nature of your goal is, and how technology is going to affect that in the short and long term.

Attentive discovery and long term relationships with a trusted technology partner are the best ways to ensure your business’s technology is truly enabling you to do more than you thought possible. Are you considering technology solutions for your business? Start with a conversation with a real person. Email Ryan today at or call us at (317) 721-2248.